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Chaim Herzog, former President of Israel

I am glad that the Gymnasium has been documented so that this historic accomplishment can be passed on to following generations...

Yitzhak Shamir, former Prime Minister of Israel.

The book is written and organized in excellent taste with regard to its content and its deluxe format. The Gymnasium was fortunate to have an energetic, enterprising and skilful graduate who undertook this important task of documenting its history.

Bialystoker Stimme - NY, USA

It was a colossal endeavor, requiring obstinacy and energy, to compile material about an institution which has not been in existence for more than 50 years - an institution which was rightfully considered one of the pearls of Hebrew education in Poland. Its archives have been destroyed. The greater percentage of the graduates and teachers were no longer alonger. It required a great deal of research and library work. The result of this monumental task is a beautiful book, impressively bound. Acknowledgments must be essential to Yaacov Samid for his initiative and exhausting labor, without which this book would surely never have seen the light of day.


This book is the story of an era told through the chronology of an educational institution teaching in Hebrew and producing a generation of Zionist leaders.


This book is rich in content and elegant in appearance. It amounts to a magnificent historic certificate exalting an institution steep in humanistic spirit and Hebrew substance, so deserving of its title: "The Crown Jewel of Hebrew Education in Poland." This book is a labor of love of Yaacov Samid. It details the impressive growth of the educational activity within the school. It emphasizes important events in every one of its twenty years.

The animated spirit of the Hebrew Gymnasium is alive within the pages of this book, now joining the list of volumes which together create and safe-keep our national memory.

Niv Hagimlai

A beauty of a book. This volume is produced in a large album-format. Excellent editorial work. It is evident that a great deal of thought and labor was invested in this. Every page brings up a scent of memories, a touch of humor, the lore of friendship between teachers and students -- readiness to pitch in for others.

Dr. Ephraim Wapinsky

The book serves as an outlet of heart-felt emotions and love which engulfed the students of this school, dedicated to Tora, science and the love of Israel - the nation and the country. The reward of this honorable/memorable (?) achievement is kept in the hearts of all those who now enjoy the great and tiring effort that was invested in putting the book together.

Dr. M. Bayliss

I have read the book with great deliberation, and poetic heart beats. You have hand crafted a well-put, splendid object -- content and style. What an excellent taste... You have succeeded in recreating the sense of continuity and growth of this glorious institution. You deserve much praise for your initiative and your editorial judgment for this anniversary volume. It immortalizes a magnificent chapter in the annals of the dreamers and the warriors of our national resurrection.

Zila Spitalni

This was an arduous and rigorous work to publish this book -- superb in style, outstanding in content. It is due to your perseverance, determination and commitment to the self-assumed mission that we now enjoy this distinguished product. Thank you very much!

Dr. Henry London - USA

There is no doubt that this book is a most suitable monument to Bialystok and to one of its finest educational institutions, and we of the Bialystok Gymnasium owe you our sincere gratitude.

The Story of the Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok find out more!

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