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Prime Minister Shamir Address at the Reunion


Available as a VHS cassette or DVD

The momentous occasion in Tel-Aviv, May 1990, was documented by a professional TV team. The cameras were trained on the participants as they filed in to the Tel-Aviv Exhibition grounds. The sudden surprise upon meeting old friends, the excitement of reuniting with buddies from whom they were disconnected for fifty years, has all been captured through the video lens.

Ya'acov Samid, the Reunion Organizer, talks to the gathering XXXXXXXXXX Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir addresses the Reunion

When the dignitaries spoke, the camera was there. The emotional words of prime minister Shamir are part of the record. The beautiful voices of the young choir, add to the celebratory impression of the video. After the official ceremony, the old school-mates mingled, and exchanged life stories. The camera and the microphone were there. Quite a few old graduates, and their teachers were interviewed for their thoughts, and all were elated. In short, this video is a window to the people and the time of the Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok.

The young choir of local pupils honoring the old pupils.

The Story of the Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok find out more!

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